Concrete Planters

Cosmic Pots

Container gardening allows you to plant a number of flowers, herbs, vegetables, trees, shrubs or ferns with restricted space or adds mobility to plants in a bigger garden. Almost something may be used as a planter, and each type of container has its own benefits and drawbacks. For bigger plants and trees that you’re not planning to move, concrete pots could be a good choice.


Durabilty of Cosmic Cement Pots


Cosmic Pots are stronger than a Terracotta clay pot but unfortunately they are not indestructible.

Concrete is really a powerful and durable material, and in contrast to wood or plastic containers which will rot or become brittle more than time, concrete will final year after year. Because concrete is heavy, concrete planters are less likely to blow over in the wind or get knocked down by kids, pets or lawnmowers. If you reside in a damp climate, concrete won’t be ruined by prolonged rain or humidity.

Size of Pots

Larger plants, like trees and shrubs, require large containers to provide their root systems adequate space to develop. Many concrete planters are available in large sizes and are powerful sufficient that large roots won’t break the pot. When planting flowers, herbs, vegetables or smaller sized plants with smaller sized root systems, getting a sizable container means less root crowding and higher moisture conservation within the soil.


Our pots are available in 3 sizes. We can build custom pots in other unique shapes,sizes and colors. Contact Us to discuss your needs.


Concrete can be stained or painted to create a range of decorative effects, or, if left bare, can create an aged, mossy appear for a more natural, classical look. In contrast to plastic containers, concrete planters frequently have decorative components. To get a customized concrete container, add mosaic tiles towards the outer surface for an additional pop of color.


The thickness of concrete containers combined with their lighter color will assist protect the soil from temperature fluctuations. Darker-colored pots tend to draw in heat and may quickly harm roots and trigger the soil to dry out, particularly in hot, sunny climates.

Considerations for your Cement Planters

Since concrete is porous, the soil inside tends to dry out more rapidly than it does in non-porous containers. Either seal the inner surface from the container having a waterproof concrete sealant or water your plants much more often to prevent wilting. Concrete containers are heavy, and once you add soil and plants, they turn out to be hard to move, so select the place of your concrete containers carefully before planting.

Cosmic Pots have the Most Unique Style

Cosmic Pots are a unique mixture of cement and fabric so they do not dry out as rapidly as cement only. We also coat the outside of all pots with a sealer to lessen leakage and evaporation.Common cement pots are very heavy and bulky while ours are approximately 13 pounds for the large size.